Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Free Pattern - Amigurumi Pig

Hello all! 

Dave here from TheLastManCrafting and this week i have taken the opportunity to practice my crochet skills, before diving into a little project i have planned, by picking a pattern i found online on my searches through Pinterest. The pattern is very simple to follow so i would recommend this to anyone who is beginning out in the world of crochet or even anyone who is just after a cute pig to make. I have linked to the original pattern below.

Pinterest is a great place to find all sorts of new ideas and patterns especially for handmade crafting. I use it all the time when practicing and developing new ideas for crocheting, and even post the blogs of any free patterns i am making. 

The pattern comes in five different pieces: head, body, nose, arm (x2) and ear (x2)

Below is a partially complete Pig,

The only part of the pattern that I changed to suit my style of crochet was the beginning of each of the pieces was instead of Chain 2 followed by single crochet 6 in the second chain, I changed it to a Magic ring with 6 single crochet. I find the magic ring has a nicer finish to it compared to the chain 2 method.

A recommendation in regards to the pattern would be to add the nose detail before you commit to stuffing the pig with your chosen fibre fill as you can tie off the knots on the inside instead of having to sew them in. Also a note for my self for new projects....buy some Amigurumi eyes

now heres a little bit of an arty shot for you all now...

Here is the link to the original Amigurumi pattern as promised. An awesome project to get you going.

Feel free to leave us a comment on the blog if you need any questions answering or to give me new projects to have a go at!

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