Monday, 21 November 2016

Crochet Whale

The Whale Crochet

This is the first blog post from Dave here at The Last Man Crafting and i come with one of my own crochet creations! This is totally an original design with no pattern.

 I had the idea from a number of different places such as a printed pattern on a cushion and a pencil case spotted in one of the high street shop windows, so i thought id give a it a go.
The idea behind the whole pattern was to make two sides of the whale with a long slope on the one end to reach down to the tail and two other sides for the top and bottom being a long rectangle going into a small point at the end to reach down to the tail, one of these being the same navy blue as the sides and one being white for the bottom of the whale.

I made the fins by making a rounded oval shape of each color (Navy Blue and White) and crocheting them together around the edge to form a double colored fin.
For the tail fin i used the same idea for the fins but stitching them next to each other on the point of the tail gives the illusion of one fin

just to add a little bit of life to the whale, i die cut two pieces of felt with a hole in to act as eyes, with a little bit cut out of the top makes it more obvious that is an eye but it also makes it look like a sad whale.

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Dave, from The Last Man Crafting blog

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