Monday, 12 December 2016

Crochet Christmas Tree (Free Pattern)

Good day everyone! i hope we are all keeping well!

Another festive post from Dave here at thelastmancrafting blog and this time it comes with a free crochet pattern!

I have currently an obsession with my own handmade Christmas tree decorations and want to share them all with the world, or at least the people who view the blog! Also this gives me good practice at writing out crochet patterns for everyone to understand, as i have developed my own quick method of writing patterns when making my own, which to most people might seem too confusing.

For the tree i used:
Uk 4.00mm / US size 8 crochet hook
Patrons Fab DK yarn - Dark Green
Dunelm hollow fibre filling
Coats cotton - Black
Hama Beads - Assorted colours

Sc - Single crochet (US) Double crochet (UK)
St - Stitch
Inc - working 2 single crochet into 1 stitch
Dec - working 1 single crochet into 2 stitches
FL only - crochet through front loop only
Both Loops - crochet through both loops
* * : repeat pattern between asterisks until stated


Round 1: Form magic ring
Round 2: Sc 5 times into magic ring (5)
Round 3: Sc in each St (5)
Round 4: Inc in each St (10)
Round 5-6: Sc in each St (10)
Round 7: *Inc & Sc* 5 times (15)
Round 8-9: Sc in each St (15)
Round 10: *Inc, Sc, Sc* 5 times (20)
Round 11-12: Sc in each St (20)
Round 13: *Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 times (25)
Round 14-15: Sc in each St (25)
Round 16: *Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 times (30)
Round 17-18: Sc in each St (30)
Round 19: *Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 times (35)
Round 20-21: Sc in each St (35)
Round 22: *Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 times (40)
Round 23-24: Sc in each St (40)

Working in Front Loop only: 
Round 25: *Dec, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 Times (35)

Working in Both loops
Round 26: *Dec, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 times (30)
Round 27: *Dec, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 Times (25)
Round 28: *Dec, Sc, Sc, Sc* 5 times (20)
Round 29: *Dec, Sc, Sc* 5 Times (15)
At this point, stuff the Christmas tree with your desired amount of stuffing for your Christmas tree needs
Round 30: *Dec, Sc* 5 Times (10)
Round 31: *Dec* 5 Times (5)
Round 32: Tie off and tighten the bottom so the stuffing does not fall out!!

To add that extra bit of festive fun to the tree, i added an extra piece of yarn to the top to form a loop so it can be hung from the Christmas tree. I also added various coloured Hama beads as miniature baubles.

To add the Hama beads, i took some black cotton and weaved it into the appropriate positions sliding the hama beads down onto the tree, weaving the cotton to keep them in a stable position.

Many thanks for viewing the free pattern. i hope you have made many festive trees from it! and please feel free to share your trees made from the pattern! i want to see everyones ideas

Happy holidays from Dave at Thelastmancrafting!

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