Thursday, 19 January 2017

Handmade Crochet iPad Case

Hello everyone! i hope we are all doing well this fine January.

So its time I share with you another one of my recent crafts, and today I am showcasing my Handmade crochet iPad case / sleeve. This project came about when I wanted something to protect my iPad  whilst on the go and thought "Hey, surly I can make a sleeve or something, right?" so off I went into research mode and came up with the idea of making two individual "sheets" and crochet stitching them together. To add a little bit of detail to the case I decided on making it striped with four different colours, which made it nicer to look at and made it a little bit more of a pain to complete, but more on that later!

Starting with the grey yarn I chained enough stitches together to make an approximate width of my iPad, which ended up to be around 28. Working in double crochet (US) / treble crochet (Uk) into each of the available stitches until having to turn around. After completing three rows of the grey I changed colour to the Aegean Blue* just before completing the last stitch to make the colour change that little bit more smooth. After another three rows, changing into Arctic blue** and then onto dark green once another three rows had been completed I was ready to start back onto the grey.

* As you may have guessed, I had to google the name for the colour, what an awesome name.
** Another awesome name I had to google.

After all eight stripes were completed, I single crochet (US) / double crochet (Uk) around the three edges that were to be stitched together as a way of keeping the stitching in the next stage easier. Once both of the sheets were complete I hand stitched the three edges together as tight as possible to stop the iPad from breaking free from the sleeve.

It is complete!! My iPad fits the sleeve very nicely, so all that was left to do was tidy up any excess pieces of yarn straying from the sides, either by cutting them short or weaving them into the case to be unnoticeable. Now it is photoshoot time.....

What i used:

4.0mm Crochet Hook
Grey - Patrons Fab Dk
Aegean Blue - Patrons Fab Dk
Arctic Blue - Patrons Fab Dk
Dark Green - Patrons Fab Dk

Thank you very much for reading, comments and feedback are always welcome here

And a question to you all.....Have you ever made anything yourself that you use every day? such as clothing, gadgets, storage? let me know in the comments!!

Peace & Love
Dave from TheLastManCrafting Blog

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